Errick Nunnally was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, he served one tour in the Marine Corps before deciding art school would be a safer—and more natural—pursuit. He is permanently distracted by art, comics, science fiction, history, and horror. Trained as a graphic designer, he has earned a black belt in Krav Maga/Muay Thai kickboxing after dark. Errick’s work includes: the novel, BLOOD FOR THE SUN; the upcoming novel, LIGHTNING WEARS A RED CAPE; LOST IN TRANSITION, a comic strip collection; and first prize in one hamburger contest. The following are some short stories and their respective magazines or anthologies: PENNY INCOMPATIBLE (Lamplight, v.6, #3); JACK JOHNSON AND THE HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE OF THE GALAXY (The Final Summons); WELCOME TO THE D.I.V. (Wicked Witches); A FEW EXTRA POUNDS (Transcendent); YOU CALL THIS AN APOCALYPSE? (After The Fall); and A HUNDRED PEARLS (PROTECTORS 2: stories to benefit PROTECT.ORG). Eventually, Errick came to his senses and moved to Providence, Rhode Island. Errick’s novel, Blood For The Sun is currently in redevelopment along with it's sequel.

Click on any one of the images below to purchase. Note: Protectors 2: Heroes and Winter Animals are benefit anthologies where 100% of the proceeds go to PROTECT, the political lobby of the National Association to Protect Children. In Vein is also a benefit anthology, 100% of its proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and support the fight against cancer.