Return from AnthoCon 2012

It has been a solid week since AnthoCon 2012, I traveled down with my friends Bracken and Chris—both AnthoCon veterans. It wasn't until later that I learned that 2012 was only the second 'Con and I allowed myself to be less impressed. (Shiv goes in, shive comes out, that's how Mad Dogs* roll!) Thankfully, New Hampshire isn't too far from Boston, so sitting with my hip jammed against Chris's in the back seat sounds worse than it really was. Besides, he was wedged between Bracken's son and me—the back seat immaturity levels were high. This is the price payed for spending two days up to our eyeballs in horror writers, their writings, publishers, and all related media. In other words: well motherfucking worth it. Of all things, I was able to sell a couple of copies of my comic strip compilation Lost In Transition as well as a few copies of Dreadworks Journal, our writing group's chap'zine of horrors.

"I can't say enough about the caliber of people I was privileged to meet."

The convention itself sprawled over three days, starting on Friday. We arrived Saturday morning and I'd already been jealous because both Chris and Bracken were going to be on panels. Lo! Later that day, I was invited to appear on a panel, Writing for Video games, Role Playing Games, Comics, and other Formats.  Sweet succor! As any nerd knows, there are few pleasures that exceed waxing pretentiously about subjects we've steeped ourselves in for at least as long as we've been able to read. Maybe next time I'll get a name card and advance notice. (Regardless, thanks to T.J. for the opportunity!) And as long as I'm on "getting stuff," here's some stuff I got:

This Only Happens In The Movies/She Makes Me Smile (chapbook, signed by) by Mandy DeGeit, The Howling (I, II, III) by Gary Brandner, WTF? (Pink Narcissus Press anthology) edited by Mambert & Racicot, The Black Death of Babylon by Edward J. McFadden, The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes (anthology signed by my friend Bracken MacLeod), Chiral Mad, Anthology of Psychological Horror edited by Michael Bailey, Shock Totem #3, Shroud #11, signed print of the cover painting by Jesse Young for The Wicked, an epic yet manageable hangover.

I can't say enough about the caliber of people I was privileged to meet. I hope to stay in touch with as many of them as possible and to see them again at other conventions, events, best-seller lists, and not at all in jail for drunk and disorderly. Ooh, random highlight: Ron Añejo Pampero Aniversario. It's a rum. Drink it.

Most importantly—professionally—I can honestly say that no less than four creative opportunities sprang out of AnthoCon '12 and into my lap. Proof positive that this is the right crowd to be around. I look forward to attending AnthoCon 2013 as well as attending as many other conferences as I can manage.

*Mad Dogs, by the way, is my writing group's hyperbolic name. We're all dedicated family men and rolling terror only when well away from our wives and children. More like 'Tame Dogs.'