Just read: "Blood Cult of the Booby Farmers" by Peter N. Dudar

I… This book… The, uh… Let's start with what the note the author attached to the book:

This book is an homage to Grindhouse films of the 70s.  The story contains material that is graphic in nature and not suitable for persons under 17 years old, pregnant women, literary and academic types, clergy members or fellow parishioners, people who are politically correct or easily offended, animal lovers, people whose parents are blood-related, parents of children that go to school with my child, or fellow family members.  But if you love dark, upsetting horror stories, I’d love for you to check it out.  I think you will like it.  I know I do.  - PND

Okay, well…I liked it. Really. From the title and the cover, it's difficult to know what to expect. Bizarre, bloody, and at times gross and disturbing, there's a solid story here that plummets forward with abandon. I think, with books like this, context is very, very valuable. For fans of the lesser-known horror films--the kind of films that just went for it--like The Hills Have Eyes, The Beast Within, or The Incredible Melting Man; this book just goes for it!