Turbo Kid

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The year the world devolves into water-starved wastelands? 1997. And a superhero shall emerge. Well, maybe, sort of. The film follows the adventures of The Kid, an orphaned boy in the “Wastelands,” an alternate future where water is scarce. A mysterious girl, Apple, who befriends The Kid, turns out to be something other than what she appears. She is the catalyst that puts the Turbo Rider-obsessed boy on a path to becoming Turbo Kid. What's a superhero without a personal villain, someone who has done irreparable damage to the hero's life? Enter Zeus, and assorted henchpersons, the baddest of which is the mute Skeletron. The film’s antagonist is played by the ever antagonistic actor, Michael Ironsides, who provides a fitting foil to everyone—but especially The Kid. Fortunately The Kid has another ally, besides Apple, in the grizzled, Aussie, cowboy, arm-wrestler Frederic. These are just a few of the inspired, go-for-it characters populating the mad, apocalyptic, and violent future where clean water is scarce and you need a bicycle to get around.

This movie is a fine addition for aficionados of the golden garbage heap that was 80s post-apocalyptic films. From the likes of Metalstorm to Parasite to Steel Dawn and the boundary breaking Mad Max; Turbo Kid steps in and ups the gory ante without trying to be too complex about it. Funny, bloody, and sincere. There is just something special about modern films that use tried and true practical effects, a simple story, and committed acting to make it all come together in low-budget nirvana. This is one of those flicks.