Just watched: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"


This is a great movie, most people enjoy it. Since it's being removed from Netflix soon, I thought I'd introduce my kids to it. They...enjoyed it, but all the gags that make it fun were almost completely lost on them, we had to explain something every five minutes.

  1. Every old cartoon character. These 'toons aren't in constant syndication anymore, they have no idea who Daffy Duck or Tweety Bird are. They're vaguely aware of the Disney characters and certainly had no idea who Betty Boop or Felix the Cat were. 
  2. "Shave and a haircut..." Not a clue about this tune or how it fits into the gag.
  3. Most of the adult gags and references to Valiant's alcoholism, such as "Dabbling in watercolors" or  "You change your name to Jack Daniels?" or "Is that a rabbit in your pocket?" They didn't miss the overt stuff like Jessica's booby trap or her affect on men. I mean, her boobs, y'all, her boobs.

I didn't realize how dated the movie is. I don't feel that old, but I guess 70-year old references from the 1940s on have finally been put to pasture.

Still, it's a good movie.

And Judge Doom is still scary AF.