What's happening?

It’s been an interesting past several months since my last post. A number of things have happened since then that have kept me busy and not writing as often as I’d prefer.

We moved. The house search was long and tedious, but the financing, purchasing, and moving? The stuff of nightmares! Close on the heels of that move? Three months of black belt boot camp. Every month culminated in a test and the final month, the final test. ‘Grueling’ is a good word to describe it. Unpacking, reorganizing finances, commuting, home improvements—an endless transition. All done? Nope, all beginning. Somewhere in there (July 1, to be specific), my book was released and has since been doing well. As of this writing, there are only two copies of Blood for the Sun remaining on Amazon and it has been ranked within the top 100 for its genre since release.

And now that we’re all caught up, it’s time to recommit some time to writing. That means bending the space-time continuum of my life to allow for such matters. Stand by!