Speaking of debut novels.


Oh, you weren't? You should be talking about this one. Besides being well-written with an excellent, throat-clenching plot, the book is a damn enjoyable, page turner that gets rolling and doesn't stop. Nothing in the story--and I do mean nothing--goes the way you'd expect.

Here's the back cover synopsis:

Lyn works at an isolated roadside diner. When a retired combat veteran stages an assault there her world is turned upside down. Surviving the sniper’s bullets is only the beginning of Lyn's nightmare. Navigating hostilities, she establishes herself as the disputed leader of a diverse group of people that are at odds with the situation and each other. Will she - or anyone else - survive the attack?

Yes, Bracken MacLeod is my friend. No, I wouldn't post this if I thought his book was just 'okay.' No, you can't trust anyone who says 'trust me.'

So don't.

You can trust the words of several well-established and talented authors (man, I hope I can get blurbs like these!):

"Bracken MacLeod's MOUNTAIN HOME hits like a Claymore mine and cuts with the emotional precision of a scalpel. Ferocious and tender, painful and real, it shows that the worst horrors are those we create ourselves, and that this world offers no shelter from evil, not even for the innocent. A powerful and thoughtful first novel."
-Chet Williamson, International Horror Guild Award winning author of Soulstorm.

"Confident and perfectly paced, MacLeod's novel is at turns heart-pounding and heart-rending, tender and vicious. A grade-A thriller." 
-Adam Cesare, author of Tribesmen

“Mountain Home is double barrel shotgun blast of violence and pathos. Clean, deft writing and more than enough narrative drive to keep you buzzing along, this debut marks the beginning of a very promising career for Bracken MacLeod.” 
-John Mantooth, author of The Year of the Storm and Shoebox Train Wreck

To read this fine release right now, go to Amazon and download it for your Kindle. To learn more about the author, visit his web site Confessions of An Adversary or visit his publisher's site, Books of The Dead Press. If you prefer reality for your reading, the print-release is due in July.