The cover is here!

Without further ado, the cover of my first novel, Blood for the Sun, has arrived and I am more excited and nervous than ever and just can't wait to launch the book in 2014!

Many thanks to Lisa Amowitz for a fabulous collaboration and certainly thanks to the rest of the team at Spence City and Spencer Hill Press for their great work thus far.

Here's the back cover blurb:

After more than one-hundred and forty years, Alexander Smith is suffering from memory loss that plagues him like a supernatural Alzheimer’s. He has lasted longer than most by clinging to the love he has for his adopted daughter, the vampire Ana, and puzzling out cases of missing or murdered children. Without them, he wouldn’t be able to ignore the ghost of a child from his guilty past or fight the whispers goading him to kill. On his latest job, he’s stumbled upon a vampire conspiracy that has left a trail of child murders up and down the East Coast—a conspiracy that promises inoculation against the sun. If true, the conspirators’ success would mean a bloody conflict, altering the balance between humans and the supernatural forever. Losing more of his mind every day, Alexander has two impossible tasks ahead of him if the world is to survive: stop the vampire coven and reconnect with his humanity.