Me, me, me.

I had no idea that one of the skills I might need to develop would be getting interviewed or, more precisely, with regard to Sci-Fi Saturday Night, being a part of the show. This, I can honestly say, was a good time. Frankly, having conversations with people who have the same or similar interests is what life is all about. The folks at Sci-Fi Saturday night have been professionally dedicated to recording and distributing the show for over one-hundred and seventy weekly episodes. The Dome, Kriana, Zombrarian, and The Dead Redhead were a pleasure to share banter with.

I do believe I could've done a better job promoting myself and certainly my publisher(s), but it do what it do! The Dome invited me back onto the show for my book release, so we'll see if I've learned anything come 2014.

You can listen to the entire show streaming online or punish yourself with my relentless, self-serving meanderings by downloading a podcast for repeated listening.