My novel is slated for a March 2014 release!

I may have to run around outside shirtless in the upcoming snowstorm to cool off, I'm so excited! My first novel, Blood for the Sun, has been picked up by Spence City a horror thriller* imprint of the very successful independent publishing house Spencer Hill Press.

The book, about a haunted and memory-challenged werewolf going up against a vampire conspiracy, is currently slated for a March 2014 release and I can not† wait. Werewolves, guns, thrills, explosions, vampires, horror, murder, magic, and more! Additional news and promotional information to come as it's developed, of course, and I am so very proud to be counted among the Spencer Hill Press family of authors.

*I hate "urban fantasy" as a name for this genre.
†You can't have "can't" if "can not" aren't two words.