Murder in the Emerald City

Continuing my public library graphic novel binge, we have Green River Killer: A True Detective Story by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case. Jensen is the son of Tom Jensen, one of the primary detectives assigned to the Green River Killer (Gary Ridgway) case. The senior Jensen's dogged perseverance and sense of duty keep him on the case longer than most others as the police track the serial killer. The novel is essentially an homage from son to father and wonderfully written. It manages to keenly depict the humanity surrounding Ridgway's string of murders and the toll chasing a serial killer can take. Det. Jensen's humor and the delicate dynamic between himself and his wife is portrayed subtly and with great impact. It is clear that Jensen's relationship with his friends and family help him to maintain his sanity as he chases down every possible lead to find and stop Ridgway. Case provides stellar illustrations and layouts to match Jensen's keen storytelling with an economy of space and lines. A consummate illustrator, he works entirely in black and white ink on this story bringing to life each era the story crosses—roughly four decades. Case's minimal and understated style is perfect for this kind of "true" storytelling. This is highly recommended reading!