Good Gosh!

It's been that long since a post!? I must've been busy. Yes, yes I was. Soon (fingers crossed) eFiction will be publishing my short story Who Bears the Lathe? in their inaugural SciFi issue. They seem to be having all kinds of technical difficulties right now, but let us have faith. Between working to pay the bills and working to realize some of my other dreams and life's maddening twists and turns, the blog got tossed aside. No matter! It means there's some super-cool surprises in store soon. I can't say specifically what it will be, but the product will be debuted at AnthoCon 2012 next month. I can't show it just yet, but a piece of this amazing collaborative project can be seen in the image attached to this blog post. And, yes, it is full of dread and other stuffs. So stay tuned!