Contest entered and won. With Corvid Design, makers of amazing and compelling book covers. I'm really looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity to work with them. Below is the winning entry and the premade book cover that inspired it:

Since the event horizon at Sagittarius A reversed and began pushing matter into our part of the universe instead of sucking it out, there have been inconceivable anomalies occurring on Earth and other planets in the solar system. Some appear to be benign, like the mostly immaterial aerozoans that now roam the atmosphere sending out an incomprehensible song in the low hertz. While other effects have rendered entire continents of people mute or raised new islands in the middle of the ocean.
Ashleigh had been on track to reclaim a normal life until the black hole at the center of the the Milky Way reversed itself. She never missed a check-in with her parole officer and  earned an associate’s degree in business studies at the local community college. She was looking forward to a shift from the high-stakes and low-return lifestyle she’d just crashed and burned, to something more stable. Now she’s certain that she can understand the song of the aerozoans and it may mean an end to the Earth itself unless she can convince the right people in the world to listen and prepare for what’s coming next from the other side of the universe.

And I really like the idea. Jeez, now I gotta write the damn book...