Just read: The Rib From Which I Remake The World by Ed Kurtz


As much southern period noir as an exploration of dark destiny and intertwining pasts, "The Rib From Which I Remake The World" is a weird win for author Ed Kurtz and publisher ChiZine. The story primarily follows hotel detective George Walker, a.k.a. JoJo in a 1940s nowhere town as he attempts to unravel the mysteries from both is past and the gruesome murder at his hotel. The novel features a few of Kurtz's characteristic flourishes. For instance, the appearance of main characters is teased through multiple chapters until defined according to the story's need. A love of the weird in America's past and decidedly off-the-beaten-path flourishes from then, as well. The setting of an old southern town suffering a heatwave during the action is potent enough to taste and when the tragedy comes, it's hard and fast in the face of those who would oppose it. This book is a bloody good tale that dallies here and there with lovely period flourishes developing the setting just enough to put the reader there. And it features a hangdog main character that doesn't know how to quit—even under impossible odds.