Just heard: 6am by Kutiman

Ophir Kutiel, more popularly known as Kutiman, is a phenomenal creative. Period, full stop. A skilled musician and composer, he’s also an animator and director. Which explains the first time I became aware of his work via the YouTUBE video mixtape titled ThruYou. (And its sequel: ThruYouToo.) On it, he cobbled together video/sound clips to create a genre-bending mega-mix composed of disparate video uploads to the platform. Long story short, Kutiman is a full-bore creative engine, a musician who puts everything he has into creating music. And that music tends to sound like a funk sandwich of the last several decades. This guy is working in video, with orchestras, as a multi-instrumentalist, creating mix projects around the world with various artists established on the streets or in studios. This is a next-generation approach to making music and well worth a listen.

6am is a “proper” album in that it’s a cohesive collection of music in multiple tracks, a mix of vocals and instrumentals, it appears to be Kutiman’s first attempt at putting together a more conventional package. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a winner, along with the rest of his oeuvre. Get it here, get it now.

Kutiman's music blows me away. Every. Time.